Coming Soon: Instructional Strategy Consultant at Knowing Technologies

A new role at a growing and exciting California-based educational technology consulting firm.

Gabriel Lucas

Sep 3, 2020

Coming Soon: Instructional Strategy Consultant at Knowing Technologies

Coming soon!  Knowing Technologies, a technology solutions partner to dozens of independent and private schools throughout California, will be running a search for two mission-critical roles intersecting in the areas of technology consulting and instructional strategy — one focused on the company's Northern California clients, and the other on its Southern California clients.  Since its founding some 15 years ago, Knowing Technologies has expanded in both size and scope.  The company now offers clients not only core services in IT engineering and faculty coaching, but also strategy consulting and long-term technology planning.  These key roles will be charged with designing and executing on client strategy, which includes the successful delivery of core engineering and coaching services.  Stay tuned for more announcements and the full search calendar, which will run this fall leading up to a target hire date of January 1, 2021.

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