Gabriel Lucas

Gabriel Lucas


At his core, Gabe is a dedicated project manager who cares deeply about process and results.  For Gabe, every need to hire is an opportunity to strategize, plan, pivot, and finally execute.  Gabe has been evaluating and hiring talent for decades in countless arenas and modalities: for-profit and nonprofit, governance and operational, full-time and interim, among many others.  Gabe is the co-founder of ATLIS, the Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools, which is a professional association to help identify and support both emerging and experienced leaders.

Gabe graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematical and Computational Science, UC Berkeley with a Master's degree in Information Management and Systems, and San Francisco State with a Master's degree in Mathematics. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and three wonderful children.

12M Recruiting is a partner to Ed Tech Recruiting, which for years has worked with clients all over the world to design and recruit for unique positions in the complex areas of technology and innovation.

12M Recruiting and Ed Tech Recruiting utilize the same robust methodology and deliver the same proven results.


Jessica Chung

Jessica is an experienced recruiter who has helped clients revamp hiring processes and develop robust talent acquisition programs. Her background includes developing public-private partnerships in the New York City metropolitan area, as well as innovation consulting throughout the United States.

Micaela Andres

Micaela works with clients and candidates on all aspects of searches, and brings to each project a commitment to process and professionalism. She also leads external research initiatives on salary, compensation, and hiring. She has a degree in business administration, which included focus areas of management and information systems.