Extraordinary leaders are hard to come by.  12M Recruiting can help you find them, hire them, and keep them.  Our unparalleled commitment to diversity, intentionality, and longevity has helped mission-aligned institutions successfully recruit for directors and senior leaders under the most challenging of situations.

What is our approach, and why is it effective?

Before any hiring occurs, the first step is to assess your leadership staffing needs. We excel in challenging situations: new roles, combined departments, divisions under duress, and bold strategic plans demanding innovative leadership.
Finding senior leadership talent is not easy—whether you're a nonprofit organization or for-profit company. The key is to run a meticulous, open, and thorough process that casts a wide net but employs a great deal of careful scrutiny.
Whether you need 12 months to help strategize before a search, 12 months of interim leadership during a search, or 12 months of background consulting support after a search--we can be there for you during a challenging pivot.

The magic to our success

Honest Conversations

We are not afraid to facilitate honest conversations with leadership, staff, board members, or other employees. When you are facing tough issues, it does you no good to gloss over them.

Deep Assessment

We will talk with anyone and everyone, we can spend as much time on-site as necessary, and we will examine internal documents and prior reports. Our goals is to truly get to know your culture and work environment, and iterate toward a common hiring vision.

Thorough Analysis

We can deliver a presentation on the fly at the end of an on-site assessment. Need a twenty-page full report for the board and leadership team? No problem. We start every report from a blank document and draft a full analysis based on the unique facts of your situation.