We come on-site to conduct a thorough needs assessment via direct conversations with senior administrators, department managers, and other invested stakeholders.

Don't take action without knowing the full picture.

Before any hiring occurs, the first step is to assess and take stock.  Are you overstaffed?  Understaffed?  Is your leadership team aligned with end-user needs?

A strategic assessment is not a full audit with useless information for a file drawer, but rather a much more targeted and cost-effective process. Some organizations can handle this step on their own, but if not, 12M Recruiting can assist.


On site observation to evaluate your staffing and strategic needs firsthand.


Interview all leadership team members and document roles and responsibilities.


Solicit input from key stakeholders and the administrative team.


Identify gaps to recommend a path forward.

Case Study

Nonprofit association

The Challenge
A nascent national association needed to hire a new leader. The board needed to find a growth-minded executive director to enter a new chapter of expansion.
The Pivot
12M Recruiting helped the board realize that content expertise was not as important as organizational leadership experience. 12M Recruiting conducted a search across multiple domains and industries. The process and performance tasks helped to evaluate candidates on their capacity for leadership and fluency of association governance.
The Outcome
The board hired an amazing leader who has extensive nonprofit and association experience. The association is poised for a major period of growth and maturation.
Case Study

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Challenge
The board of a large K-12 school created a bold new strategic plan and imagined a showcase innovation and entrepreneurial center to redefine the school's teaching and learning program. But facing budgetary constraints, the leadership team needed to recast existing roles rather than create an entirely new one. The challenge: how to define and hire for a position that never existed, as well as give it responsibilities for existing programs, spaces, and initiatives.
The Pivot
Members of 12M Recruiting conducted a thorough assessment, working with leadership team members to consider a variety of staffing arrangements. Each of these staffing models was FTE-neutral, a key requirement for the school. 12M Recruiting developed a bold opportunity statement to inspire forward-thinking innovators throughout the country.
The Outcome
An electric leader and innovator was hired to serve as the center's inaugural director. The school has seen tremendous excitement and enthusiasm in the center under the leadership of the new leader.

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