The executive assistant is a new role that will help the company continue on its growth path.  The executive assistant needs to have exceptional skills in organization and communication.  The executive assistant should be detail-oriented, systems-minded, and process-focused.  The executive assistant should be ready, willing, and able to learn the principal's approach to details, systems, and processes.  From day one, the executive assistant should be capable of taking on multiple tasks, some very granular, as assigned.  Responsibilities will expand as the executive assistant demonstrates outstanding performance.  Above all else, this position requires a client-first mindset.  The executive assistant should be motivated and excited to help support complex projects and ensure client satisfaction in alignment with the company's core values and methodology.


Job Type: Part-time, non-exempt
Location: San Mateo, CA
Deadline: Open until filled
Start date: Ideally in September 2023 or early fall
Term: 15-25 hours/week, flexible schedule
Salary: $20/hour - $25/hour, based on experience
Reports to: Principal
Benefits eligible: No


How to Apply

  1. If you have not done so already, download the job posting.
  2. Prepare your application materials, which are described in the job posting.
  3. Send your documents as PDFs to the email address in the job posting.

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