12M Recruiting is looking for a part-time, graphic design contractor, to assist with our opportunity statements.  These documents are built in InDesign and are critical for our searches.

Our internal team serves as the "executive producer" for each document, but we need graphic design assistance to develop the branding look-and-feel for each document, which is always aligned to a client's overall branding guidelines.  We usually receive a variety of collateral and documents from our clients, including a style guide, images, and text content.  We then ask a designer to come up with a couple of ideas or motifs that could work well.  We iterate with the designer to eventually (and often quickly) settle on a good style.  We then develop a storyboard outline that describes where we want the text, images, and other content.  We then ask the designer to develop the final document in such a way that aligns with a client's community, culture, needs, and role. 

This work is contract-based and remote.  The workload ebbs and flows depending on our client workload.

We invite anyone who might be interested to take a look at some of our past opportunity statements, to see examples of the kinds of documents that get developed.  If this sounds like something you could help us with, please reach out to jobs@12mrecruiting.com.  Include a link to your portfolio and an introduction or background of your graphic design experience.

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