A 360° Self-Reflection Strategy for Professional Advancement

If you're a candidate seeking a leadership role but haven't been able to land one or move forward in a search process, it might be time for authentic self reflection.

Gabriel Lucas

Jan 25, 2022

A 360° Self-Reflection Strategy for Professional Advancement

Everyone has areas of growth.  Don’t simply listen to those who praise you.  Take the time to assess where you might be short on experience, or where your personal qualities or professional skills might be lacking a bit.  If you’re a little nervous or uncomfortable interpreting critical feedback from peers, start with an easy area: ask people to identify your strengths.  More often than not, Achilles’ heels are hidden in our strengths.  If you’re a bold leader, do you stop to reflect enough?  If you’re detail oriented, do you spend enough time on the big picture?  Acknowledge your areas for growth, commit to getting even better, and you'll likely have a better chance to either advance further in a search or rise up the ladder of your current organization.

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