Acing Rapid Communication with Employers

Employers have all kinds of bugaboos and pet peeves when it comes to candidate communication.  

Gabriel Lucas

May 4, 2021

Acing Rapid Communication with Employers

Particularly for leadership openings, hiring managers expect a high degree of professionalism and responsiveness from the moment they interact with an applicant.  But for applicants, these two standards should not comprise a zero-sum game: a quick response to a prospective employer should never come across as colloquial or worse disrespectful.  Avoid greetings like "Hey" and always sign emails with at least a "Thanks" and your name, even when firing off a rapid reply via mobile. (Note: two-word endings like "My Best" or "Many thanks" usually earn far more than double the impressive points.)  Yes, employers want a quick response, but the moment they infer even a hint of rudeness — regardless of your true intent — you will find yourself in the worst place to be during an application: under the microscope.

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