Breaking Down the Hiring Process: Achievable Steps for Success

Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of a new hire? Learn how breaking down the hiring process into smaller steps can lead to a more effective search and a stronger candidate pool.

Gabriel Lucas

Jan 19, 2024

Breaking Down the Hiring Process: Achievable Steps for Success

When outlining your organization’s next hire, it may be helpful to dissect the large goal at hand into more manageable subtasks. Some organizational leaders may feel overwhelmed when imagining each step that goes into the search process, and thinking step-by-step can make your hire feel like a more realistic, attainable goal. Come up with some prompts and questions related to various milestones.  What is a profile of a stellar candidate? Where might a search committee be most helpful with the planning and execution of the hiring strategy? Who is eager or able to lean into this major endeavor? What external factors are most likely to make outstanding candidates nervous, and what can you do to mitigate those challenges? By looking at your search in smaller, attainable steps, you can feel more confident about ultimately catalyzing an incredible candidate pool.

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