Broach the Salary Topic Before the Final Round

As you interview candidates for a position in your organization, broach the topic of salary well before the final-round interview.

Gabriel Lucas

Oct 5, 2021

Broach the Salary Topic Before the Final Round

If you’re not comfortable sharing an exact range, that’s fine...but at least ask candidates for their target salary.  (That question should always be on your HR application.)  But you can also ask other softball questions, like, “How important will salary be as a factor for your decision in accepting a role?” and “Have you done any research to determine the economics of moving to a new locality?”  If you engage in this topic early, you can usually see whether this is a major driver for a candidate, but also whether a candidate has done any research that is often necessary with a potential job switch.  Not only will this approach be welcomed by candidates who might be uncomfortable bringing up the topic salary on their own, but this will also mitigate the likelihood of a salary mismatch during the oft-delicate offer stage.

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