Conducting Online Interviews

As much of the world has moved online these last few months, many of us are already longing for the return of conference rooms and shared coffee.

Gabriel Lucas

Apr 13, 2021

Conducting Online Interviews

Likewise, hiring is best done face-to-face, though videoconferencing has always been invaluable to "meet" early-stage candidates without the expensive cost of travel.  Ironically, the new-normal has shown a potentially better model for online interviewing.  Even before the pandemic, savvy employers would send hiring committee members to their respective offices to be on individual cameras.  Two benefits ensued.  First, candidates felt a sense of equal standing and better connectedness: no need to squint for critical visual cues or ask for questions to be repeated from a noisy room.  Second, individual screens allow each interviewer to focus on the candidate and avoid distractions from colleagues or sidebar conversations.  So, when the world resumes in-person work, consider adjusting your remote interview practices, and you just might experience better outcomes for all.

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