The Critical Act of Note-Taking in Your Interview

When you've been invited to an interview, don't show up with just your resume. Not only should you be prepared to answer questions, but you should also be ready to take notes and gather information.

Gabriel Lucas

May 10, 2022

The Critical Act of Note-Taking in Your Interview

Taking notes and asking sharp questions not only shows serious interest in a position, but it also shows a desire to investigate, analyze, and synthesize...all qualities that employers seek.  After your interview, find a way to share reflections on your visit even if you weren't asked to. We have observed hiring managers pass on candidates solely and explicitly because those applicants did not seem engaged or motivated to learn during their on-site visits. And in an ironic twist, if you come prepared to learn but don't get the information you truly seek, perhaps that's an indicator that you should pass on a prospective employer. Remember, hiring is always a two-way street. If all you get is a flashing yellow signal, proceed with caution.


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