Developing a Plan Before Marketing Your Job

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to advertising a job.

Gabriel Lucas

Nov 16, 2021

Developing a Plan Before Marketing Your Job

You should allow at least 30 days for a job posting to saturate the market, and sometimes longer.  Be cognizant of holidays and other hiccups in the calendar that might distract candidates from noticing your opportunity, or might require your extending an application deadline a little bit.  Avoid posting on a Monday or Friday, and above all else make all your external postings occur on the same date.  You want to avoid any ambiguity in the marketplace about whether you have an opening.  For example, the worst thing possible would be to post on a job board and not have it on your careers page.  Advertising a job opening is like planning a party: if your invitations are underwhelming, don’t be surprised if no one shows up.

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