Diverse Culture Begins with the Hiring Process

More organizations are doubling down on their efforts to create a workplace culture that celebrates and embraces diversity in all its forms.

Gabriel Lucas

Mar 23, 2021

Diverse Culture Begins with the Hiring Process

Achieving this goal begins with hiring — when a tone is set during a hiring process, it carries forward once a person is brought on-board. An increasing number of employers are requiring anti-bias training for anyone who is part of the hiring process, but for sure for anyone who is on a hiring advisory or selection committee. This training can be uncomfortable, and admittedly many people are hesitant to engage in frank conversations about race. According to a short perspective from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the simple step of selecting an interracial team of facilitators can increase the chance that anti-bias training will be effective and lasting. It is important for all participants to authentically connect with both the content and leaders of the training — with the ultimate goal of truly improving the hiring process.

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