Evaluating a Candidates Ability to Handle Pressure

Many employers want to know how candidates handle pressure and often ask about this during a reference call. 

Gabriel Lucas

Jun 8, 2021

Evaluating a Candidates Ability to Handle Pressure

It’s also a common interview question, but what candidate would admit to crumbling under the lights?  Imagine if you could see firsthand how a candidate reacted when the lights go off — literally.  For example, what if you pulled the plug during a mock presentation?  Or what if you planned a provocative question during a casual meet and greet session?  These scripted moments of tribulation might be a bit too much for some employers, but sadly too many hiring teams try to ensure nothing but cupcakes and rainbows during a hiring process.  In striving for artificial perfection they lose opportunities to directly observe a candidate's ability to improvise and finesse.  If nothing else, allow and embrace imperfections in the process — and turn those challenges into moments of serendipitous data gathering.

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