Eye-Catching Job Postings in the Market

The duties section of a job posting is one of the most important opportunities for executing a hiring strategy, yet it’s often bungled by employers that cram way too many bullets together.

Gabriel Lucas

Feb 8, 2022

Eye-Catching Job Postings in the Market

If you are looking to buy or rent a house, how do you search for options?  Do you scan through tedious disclosures listing endless details about pipes and electrical wiring?  Not likely, though eventually that stuff will matter.  Chances are you first look at high-level parameters like number of rooms or lot sizes to find options that align with your priorities.  Job seekers would prefer to do this, too, but most job descriptions don’t let them.  Savvy employers will bundle the duties of a job into a few major bins and then frame the job through well-written category labels.  The idea is to show candidates what the role is about and entice them to read more — if those categories align with their skill sets and reflect what they’re looking to do next.  Long lists look overwhelming and can worry applicants that a job is too tactical or mechanical.  Everyone knows jobs have lots of duties, just like houses have lots of details.  Save all that for further inspection later; the most important function of your job posting is literally to get people to come through the front door and apply.

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