First Impressions Between the Job Seekers and Employers

Job seekers and employers would be wise to cut each other a little slack during an intense and prolonged executive hiring process, particularly at the onset. 

Gabriel Lucas

Mar 15, 2022

First Impressions Between the Job Seekers and Employers

Employers that want to cast a wide net have the difficult task of posting on dozens of job boards and listservs, each with their own peculiarities and limitations.  Candidates need to pay extra attention to searching for the "true" instructions, required materials, and correct intake processes.  Meanwhile, candidates are looking around to find a perfect match themselves, and with that can come the occasional misstep in their application materials.  Employers need to recognize that casting a wide net does not always equate to a lack of serious intent.  As in dating, both parties never get a second chance to make a first impression.  But by the same token, if you think finding a perfect match doesn't require making a few concessions up front, you may always find yourself empty handed.

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