Happy Teams, Successful Hires: The Connection

Explore how the emotional state and well-being of your hiring team can significantly impact the success of your recruitment process.

Gabriel Lucas

Jan 23, 2024

Happy Teams, Successful Hires: The Connection

Before, during, and after the hiring process, make sure to check in with your team’s emotional state of mind and overall well-being. Running a major search can be a stressful undertaking, so it is crucial that your team stay positive — and that you do your part to ensure that outcome. Ask thoughtful questions about their workload, be mindful of their mental and physical health, and extend your assistance whenever you sense it could reduce external stress factors.  The mindset of a hiring team almost always shows through during a long search.  If candidates are on the fence about whether to accept your offer, the observation of a happy, high-functioning hiring team might just seal the deal.

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