Have You Made Your "Summer's Resolutions?"​

Happy June! Summer is nearly here, and the academic year is coming to a close — if it hasn’t already at your school.

Gabriel Lucas

Jun 10, 2021

Have You Made Your "Summer's Resolutions?"​

We all know about New Year’s resolutions, but have you ever thought about creating summer resolutions? Now is a great time to do some self-reflecting. I was just in a hiring meeting with a client, and we were discussing two candidates that both have the same area of growth. One of those candidates is extremely self aware of his shortcomings, to the point where his boss commented in a reference interview that this candidate has requested additional opportunities for peer feedback and review. Another candidate has put on blinders as she goes about her work, to the point where her boss said she struggles constantly in her position.

Summer is an annual gift for anyone who works in a job that follows the school cycle. Yes, we all need time to rest, relax, and recharge. But it’s also a great time to reflect on the past, present, and future:

Past: Think back on the year and reflect on two or three situations where you honestly came up short. How might your “alter ego” have handled those situations differently? In other words, don’t give yourself a free pass and just blame others. Do you see any patterns across these situations?

Present: Find at least one book, one article, or one technique that you can use to expand your toolkit and break down your blinders. Think about people you admire or respect, or colleagues that don’t share the same weaknesses as yours. How do they handle these situations? Can you practice any of this over the summer in safe situations, even with family or friends?

Future: Be ready in the fall to apply your new skills or knowledge to situations that you know you’ll encounter. Seek out a friend or trusted colleague to give you real time advice when you need it, and to serve as a thought partner to help you debrief challenging situations.

Just a simple approach like this, combined with a modest investment of time and personal commitment, can pay dividends as you look to advance your career. Push yourself to make a timely summer’s resolution, and you just might experience the career breakthrough that heretofore has eluded you.

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