Hiring Through Their Lens: A Candidate-Centric Approach

Step into the shoes of your candidates and view your hiring process from their perspective. This simple shift in viewpoint can transform the effectiveness of your recruitment strategy.

Gabriel Lucas

Jan 22, 2024

Hiring Through Their Lens: A Candidate-Centric Approach

When conducting a hire, try placing yourself in a candidate’s shoes at multiple points during the process. Imagine you are wearing goggles that allow you to view your organization’s hiring tactics through the lens of a candidate—what would you see? Would you feel empowered to apply for this role? What stands out to you about the organization itself? Are the specifics of the role clear and easy to understand? This simple visualization allows you to reflect on important details of your hire, including word choice in your marketing documents, overall flow of the search timeline, and the duties and requirements of the role. By viewing your organization’s hiring practices through the lens of a candidate, your search is more likely to lead to a successful result!

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