Increase Your Applicant Pool by Jazzing up Your Job Posting

If you seek a large number of diverse and qualified applicants, then you must go far beyond the one- or two-page traditional job posting.

Gabriel Lucas

Oct 26, 2021

Increase Your Applicant Pool by Jazzing up Your Job Posting

While duties and qualifications are important to highlight, a creative, information-rich opportunity statement — though more work up front — is invaluable for a leadership search and will almost always generate a high return on investment.  Add some facts and figures about your organization, particularly growth metrics. Share your history, mission, goals, values, and strategic objectives.  Highlight a few exciting programs and talk about some external partnerships.  Include quotes from a few different constituents.  Lastly, take your document to the next level by adding a few images. Candidates want and need a job, but they get truly excited by mission-aligned, inspirational organizations. A jazzed-up posting may be exactly what’s needed to give your search the boost it needs.

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