Jazzing Up Your Job Posting to Attract Prime Candidates

Jazzing up your job posting can make a big difference in building up your candidate pool, in terms of both quality and quantity.

Gabriel Lucas

Apr 19, 2022

Jazzing Up Your Job Posting to Attract Prime Candidates

This endeavor doesn't necessarily require an extensive amount of work. Even for one-page postings, adding in a few photos along with your logo, and including a little color to section off some text, will help encourage prospective candidates to more closely read your posting. In addition to outlining the job duties and qualifications, try adding in a short summary about your organization to show who you are, or perhaps your core values and mission statement. In the end, your website often has the exact content you need — so when in doubt, pull from there. Employers often think that candidates should "do their homework," but in fact it's the employer that needs to inspire that homework in the first place. Making these small touch-ups to an otherwise plain job posting often does the trick.

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