The Key to Overcoming Your Weaknesses in an Interview

If you come across a position that interests you but the job posting mentions a few qualifications that you lack, don't be discouraged from applying.

Gabriel Lucas

Apr 12, 2022

The Key to Overcoming Your Weaknesses in an Interview

Employers rarely receive applications from candidates that check every box. But by the same token, when interviewing don't gloss over your lack of experience.  For example, if you've never worked in a school before, don't simply say that your being a parent equates to K-12 professional experience.  Rather, when you’re deficient somewhere, show your interviewers that you've done even more research and personal learning about the industry you desire to enter.  The same advice holds true for anyone looking to move from the nonprofit world to corporate.  Successful job applicants are more often than not determined, shrewd, and humble — especially when it comes to overcoming their gap areas.

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