Lead with Humility

Finding a new opportunity that speaks to you is always an exciting feeling. You realize this could be the dream job you've always wanted.

Gabriel Lucas

Feb 9, 2021

Lead with Humility

Showing your enthusiasm is great, but try not to exaggerate your interest and qualifications, especially in your application documents. In the opening of your cover letter, avoid using phrases such as “Your search is over” or “Congratulations, you found your next hire.” These are not catchy hooks to grab a potential employer's attention, but rather cues to a hiring manager to move on to the next resume. If you get chosen for an initial screening or interview, avoid comparing your qualifications to those of other candidates, whom you don’t even know. Employers like to see some degree of confidence and enthusiasm, but they're also looking for signs of humility and cooperation that will support a mission-aligned culture. Hiring is about whittling, and oversized egos are almost always the first to not make the cut.

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