Make Your Opportunity Statement a Statement in of Itself

Just as candidates wonder whether to keep a resume to one page, many employers, too, are overly concerned about keeping job postings lean.

Gabriel Lucas

Feb 23, 2021

Make Your Opportunity Statement a Statement in of Itself

Generally, senior-level postings should contain more information, not less. But just as employers shy away from resumes loaded with bullet points under each job entry, the best executives are cautious from postings overloaded with duties and responsibilities. Rather than focusing on just the bare bones of the job itself, find ways to include your community's voice, vision, and values. Grab inspirational excerpts from strategic plans, mission statements, and unique programs of your mission-aligned organization. You don't have to create a full opportunity statement, but view your document through the lens of a nontraditional but highly qualified candidate who knows nothing about your organization or mission. The more open and inclusive the document, the more inspired and welcomed those candidates will feel about applying.

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