The Power of Little Things in Job Applications

Learn why every action, even the smallest one, matters in job applications and how it reflects your mindset and work style to potential employers.

Gabriel Lucas

Feb 5, 2024

The Power of Little Things in Job Applications

Little things go a long way during an application process.  Just the smallest actions show a potential employer that an applicant is thoughtful, responsive, and organized.  Take something as innocuous as an email with simple instructions for a particular milestone, such as where to park for an on-site visit or what file format to use for a performance task deliverable.  Even if that message doesn't ask for a reply or confirmation, doing so will provide clarity and reassurance to an employer.  While you're at it, take time to say something unsolicited--be it your interest in the role, your appreciation for someone's time, or your willingness to be flexible.  Remember, even though not every moment is an explicit test, every action — or inaction — is an opportunity for an employer to gain insight into your mindset and work style.  Set the bar high for yourself, and you just might raise the bar for your competition.

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