Reading Between the Lines: A Deeper Look at Candidate Interactions

Explore the importance of face-to-face meetings in the hiring process, where observing candidates in different settings and offering a touch of hospitality can unveil their true potential and fit for your team.

Gabriel Lucas

Jan 22, 2024

Reading Between the Lines: A Deeper Look at Candidate Interactions

Meting candidates face-to-face is such an important moment in a search.  Some people may come off as nervous or anxious, but at times those are just initial jitters.  Try finding someone in your organization who can play the role of offering hospitality to your guest throughout the day.  It's easy to focus on how people interact in group settings, but look for trends to see if a candidate is more comfortable in smaller group environments.  If a role is not likely to have a lot of large-group interaction, then perhaps it's reasonable to be less concerned about any observed discomfort in those situations.  First impressions do not tell the whole story, but they are an important glimpse into who your prospective candidate is.  Moreover, they are an important chance to help you and your team adjust the on-site experience for your candidates, so that ultimately you hire the right person!

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