The Role of Hospitality in Attracting Top Candidates

Serious candidates won't mind participating in multiple interview rounds or submitting an extra performance task.

Gabriel Lucas

May 17, 2022

The Role of Hospitality in Attracting Top Candidates

These elements show dedication and commitment, and a job well done is one step closer to an offer. However, just as candidates need to impress a hiring manager, employers need to impress top candidates. Saving a few pennies is never a good idea when it comes to hiring. Offer to pay for parking, avoid cheap hotels, and spring for a good lunch — even if these are not your normal routines.  Just as employers criticize candidates that don't bring it during a job interview (e.g., "If he's not going to bring his A-game now, when will he?"), leadership candidates will doubt employers that similarly fail to show everything they've got. There are plenty of other signals to show candidates that your organization runs on a shoestring budget.  Poor hospitality does not need to be one of them. 

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