Sharing your target salary in an interview

There's an old adage in hiring when it comes to shrewd salary negotiation: never make the first move. 

Gabriel Lucas

Jun 1, 2021

Sharing your target salary in an interview

Candidates are often reluctant to name their price, for fear of either appearing greedy or leaving additional salary on the table.  But the reality is that more employers are forbidden from requiring or even asking candidates to divulge salary history.  To get around this, more employers are asking candidates point blank: "What's your target salary?"  Hemming and hawing in response to this question can send the wrong message.  Experienced candidates usually have a straightforward answer; inexperienced ones often don't — and employers know this.  Finally, if you have a sweet deal at your current employer, be up front about that.  It shows the market values you, but more importantly it forces yourself to address a gut-check question: Would you really accept a significant pay cut? 

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