Strategy on sharing salary when running a job search

There's an old adage in hiring when it comes to shrewd salary negotiation: never make the first move.

Gabriel Lucas

May 25, 2021

Strategy on sharing salary when running a job search

But as an employer, holding back on the first public move should not prevent you from making internal moves within your organization.  Yes, you don't want to overpay, but you need to seriously commit to a budget.  Employers often ask us, "What is the market rate for the position we're trying to hire?"  We usually remind them that hiring is like buying a home: there's an option at every price point.  When it comes time to going public with a search, putting a hard salary band on paper is usually a bad idea, but it's very prudent to have a soft range ready to share.  For one, it gives you greater leverage to coax salary information from candidates.  But just as important, it will keep you from being distracted by high-priced candidates outside your budget.  If you're trying to buy a single-family starter home, no sense in looking at penthouses and mansions.

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