Taking Time in Talent Acquisition: A Strategic Approach

In the rush to fill roles during critical transitions, discover why slowing down the hiring process and considering interim solutions can lead to more effective, long-term staffing success.

Gabriel Lucas

Jan 22, 2024

Taking Time in Talent Acquisition: A Strategic Approach

During the hiring process, it is important not to rush to hire a candidate. Your organization may be in a time of great transition, in which bringing on a new hire would be critical to the success of your team. However, this does not mean that expediting the hiring process is the gleaming answer to your organization’s challenges. In this situation, it may be a good idea to hire an interim leader, temporarily promote someone into an acting role, leverage a third-party contractor, or bring in other modes of support to ensure that your internal team has the assistance it presently needs. By stabilizing immediate crises and taking the necessary time to find top candidates, you will be addressing both short-term and long-term priorities, rather than finding a quick fix that only adds to future problems.

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