Thursday Thought: Executive Hiring

Executive hiring season is in full swing!

Gabriel Lucas

Sep 24, 2020

Thursday Thought: Executive Hiring

Yesterday, a unique and exciting executive search launched...for an instructional strategy consultant at Knowing Technologies, a technology consulting firm based in California serving K-12 independent and private schools.

What’s exciting about this position is not just the set of core skill sets desired, which includes consulting, strategy, analysis, technology, and education.  What’s really exciting is the industry trend that this position represents.  In the last decade, Knowing Technologies has expanded far beyond its IT consulting roots, to where it now offers instructional innovation coaching for teachers and strategic planning services for school leadership teams.  

In other words, slowly but surely the industry has recognized that technology truly is a strategic driver for schools, and that whole-school teaching and learning strategy can and should be designed in part by those leading the technology program.  With every year that passes, we expect more traditional leadership positions — from CFO to head of school to division head — to require significant technology fluency and experience, as well as directly recruit from technology roles like CIO and CTO.

Check this job out, and if nothing else marvel at how far the educational industry has come!

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