On Time, Every Time: Mastering Interview Etiquette

Understand the importance of punctuality in interviews and how it reflects on your professionalism and respect for the hiring process.

Gabriel Lucas

Feb 7, 2024

On Time, Every Time: Mastering Interview Etiquette

Although the following tip might be self-evident, we are shocked by how often this mistake occurs.  If you've been invited to an interview, do not show up late.  Plan ahead, especially if you're commuting to an in-person interview.  If you are someone who leaves things to the last minute, be self-aware and give yourself several contingency plans.  If an unexpected delay occurs, be mindful, humble, proactive, and overly communicative.  Show your prospective employer that you’re “on it” even in the face of adversity.  Most importantly, if you arrive late to an interview, make every effort to apologize for your tardiness and take full responsibility.  Your hiring manager is likely just as worried about how your tardiness reflects on their decision-making to colleagues and managers as they are about your personal situation.  Not showing true remorse would be a careless and selfish move that would likely prevent you from moving forward in a search.

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