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Gabriel Lucas

Oct 28, 2021

Weekly Thoughts From the Desk of the Principal

Narratives are powerful, but numbers are the backbone of every story. Do you believe in the power of numbers to not just support a story but to shape a larger impact? YouthTruth, a San Francisco-based non profit, wholeheartedly believes that student and stakeholder voice matters for educational improvement. Surveying over 1,800,000 students, they've made an impact creating a happier and healthier school system by recognizing the power of data gathering and analytics as a means of amplifying underrepresented student opinions and insights to boards, superintendents, and school administrators.


If numerical storytelling excites you and you care about giving young people a voice in the strategic planning and decision-making cycles of schools and districts, then we invite you to explore an exciting opportunity and make a lasting impact in K-12 education with YouthTruth:




The manager of data systems and analytics will lead a mission-critical functional unit that is in charge of system development, data analytics, and application design at this fast growing survey project that is part of The Center for Effective Philanthropy.


Applications are due November 5, but please contact us directly if you are considering applying!




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