Weekly Thoughts From the Desk of the Principal

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Gabriel Lucas

Sep 2, 2021

Weekly Thoughts From the Desk of the Principal

With Labor Day coming up this Monday, the unofficial end to summer is upon us.  Where did the days go?


Speaking of labor, we all know there is a shortage of it right now.  What is so perplexing is to figure out why that is.  But if you keep your ears open, you’ll hear clues from time to time.  I just heard one today, as I learned about a chief executive’s impending departure after having moved for a big job a couple years ago.  The reason?  He and his immediate family want to move back to the East Coast, where they have extended family roots and support.  Meanwhile, this week two candidates told me point blank they no longer want to move as far as they thought they did just a year ago.


Now more than ever, all sides need to really think carefully about a major geographical move.  Candidates, are you really ready to leave a place you’ve lived for all or most of your life?  Do you have family members that need you, or want you, to be closer to them — particularly during these uncertain times?  


Employers, are you really ready to support a person’s relocation?  Financial assistance is often necessary but not sufficient when it comes to that support.  Have you created a hiring process that is welcoming and inviting for immediate family members?  If so, and if some candidates are choosing to not bring their family members along, will you have a heart-to-heart conversation to make sure a potential move is in the cards?


Above all else, maintaining an open dialogue is essential.  Be honest with each other.  Ask questions, listen, and show empathy and support for your counterpart’s perspective or needs.  Hiring was already a challenging enough process without the uncertain times in which we’re living right now.  Take this three-day weekend for some personal reflection and discernment.  And enjoy the last few weeks of summer!




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