Your Opening Statement in an Interview

Your initial remarks to every interview are critical.

Gabriel Lucas

Jul 13, 2021

Your Opening Statement in an Interview

Even though you're probably tired of hearing yourself say for the umpteenth time why you’re looking and what you've been doing recently, this will all be new to your interviewers.  Think of your opening statement like the overture to a great musical: it should be inviting, spirited, and well-orchestrated, no matter how many times you have to play it.  Above all, be brief.  Just like that overture, sprinkle in a few teasers and highlights, but save the details for later.  If your interviewer takes the bait with a targeted follow-up question, now you know where to go into more depth.  Finally, your personal overture should never feel mechanical or regurgitated.  In sum, interviewing is like being on stage, so remember: the best performances are usually ones where the audience gives you a standing ovation.

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